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Unfiltered, uncensored, and unapologetic best-friend conversations on dating and relationships, celebrities and pop culture, the craziness of life, other people’s problems, social chaos, and that fun we call s.e.x.  It's raunchy, but real and relatable.

Mar 8, 2015

Nice guys; we love them, we want them, we run from them, we cast them aside. Do they really finish last? We return to the scene in full force; discussing masturbation (is it too much when you start shooting blanks?), sexy underwear and lingerie for men from XDress/Andrew Christian/GoodDevil (mesh, silk teddies, lace panties), the date most are comfortable giving up the cookies or licking the mixing bowl, reveal the best city for dating and the most appealing accent, the Lil Wayne and Birdman fued, and we have a Butcher's Block full of celebrities (Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey, Pamela Anderson, and Tamia.

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The THRST is the premier entertainment talk show podcast that brings you gay-best-friend and kitchen-island conversations on love and relationships, celebrities and pop culture, and social scandals...all flavored with shade, humor, and opinionated-truth!

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11:30 - Podcast Awards Announcement (
12:33 - The BHive
31:13 - iTunes Reviews
34:05 - Talk Du Jour: Do Nice Guys Finish Last?
44:43 - The Butcher's Block
51:03 - Outro