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Unfiltered, uncensored, and unapologetic best-friend conversations on dating and relationships, celebrities and pop culture, the craziness of life, other people’s problems, social chaos, and that fun we call s.e.x.  It's raunchy, but real and relatable.

Sep 14, 2015

You will never guess who is back and messy as ever. The original hosts settle into their usual ways and banter while welcoming guest Kenne Kongthong for discussions on the rise of racial tension in society, how to handle racist moments among friends, the effect of education on relationship status, co-living spaces for startups, ice cream that will make you wait for it, PornHub's new twerking butt of a sex toy, the Whitney Houston hologram, weed and your seed, the power of peen (read: penis), and listener questions get answered in the return of our Mail Bag segment.

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The THRST is the premier entertainment talk show podcast that brings you gay-best-friend and kitchen-island conversations on love and relationships, celebrities and pop culture, and social scandals...all flavored with shade, humor, and opinionated-truth!

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00:00 – Intro (

04:42 - Subscribe to The THRST

05:10 - Chewing The Fat

  • #RelationshipGoalsIn3Words
  • The Power of the Peen: Penis Will Make You Slap Somebody

14:44 - The BHive

  • Good Quality Weed COuld Be Damaging The Quality of Your Seed
  • Could An Education Be Keeping You Single
  • Co-Living Spaces

27:40 - Train of Thoughts with Kenne Kongthong

31:55 - Talk Du Jour: The Rise of Racial Tension In Society and Dealing With Racist Moments Among Friends

46:09 - The Butcher's Block

  • Pornhub's Twerking Butt with Skin Technology
  • Those who stand in line 3 hours for ice cream
  • Whitney Houston Hologram
  • Indiegogo Campaign Seeking Funding to Obtain Pictures that are allegedly of Oscar de la Hoya Being Fisted

52:07 - Mail Bag

55:59 - Give It To Me with Kenne Kongthong

57:31 - Outro



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