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Unfiltered, uncensored, and unapologetic best-friend conversations on dating and relationships, celebrities and pop culture, the craziness of life, other people’s problems, social chaos, and that fun we call s.e.x.  It's raunchy, but real and relatable.

Apr 22, 2019

You choose your role models, they don't choose you; many people don't seem to realize that. Someone went after Cardi B for being herself, when she shared a tweet they didn't deem appropriate for those who have appointed Cardi B as their role model; we discussed this with our dear friend Derek Johnson and our new friend Bridget.

We also discussed reasons and things to consider when supporting black owned businesses, the best music and soundscape for sex moments and morning sex, sharing your STD status, and friends always trying to set you up with a friend that you wouldn't classify or describe as attractive.

The Butcher's Block has a study regarding the correlation of beard size to testicle size.

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The THRST is the premier entertainment talk show podcast that brings you gay-best-friend conversations on love and relationships, celebrities and pop culture, sex, and social scandals...all flavored with shade, humor, and opinionated-truth! It's raunchy, but real.

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00:00 – Intro (
02:20 - Rainbow Runner
03:27 - New York Minute
05:13 - Chewing The Fat
            -Supporting Black Owned Businesses
            -Best Sex Playlist
24:20 - Do It For The 'Gram
25:12 - The BHive
            -Friends who try to set you up with their unattractive friends
            -Sharing your STD/I status
30:00 - Talk Du Jour: Role Models - Think Long and Hard On The People Who Influence Your Life
39:45 - Mail Bag
40:54 - Tea & Cheesecake
44:48 - The Butcher's Block
47:47 - Subscribe to The THRST
49:30 - Take, Tease, & Toss
50:34 - Outro



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